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Ear Mitts - Bandless Ear Muffs
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Ear Mitts Thermogram

Ear Mitts® Make the Difference!

Ear Mitts® are made with a soft and durable lightweight fleece (3 layers), and lined with 100 gram* Thinsulate™ Insulation from 3M designed to keep warmth in and cold air and wind out.

The unique microfibers of Thinsulate™ Insulation are about ten times smaller than the fibers of most other synthetic insulations, which means they are much more efficient at trapping air. . . and more effective at keeping you warm. It also means there are more fibers packed into the same space, where they can reflect back more of the heat radiating from the body.
Neither repeated machine washings nor dry-cleanings markedly affect the performance of Thinsulate™ Insulation. Tests have shown, in fact, that Thinsulate™ Insulation remains relatively unchanged even after repeated cleanings.
Thinsulate™ Insulation is the smartest choice if staying warm is important to you. When you compare equal thicknesses, the original "warmth without bulk" Thinsulate™ Insulation offers almost one-and-one-half times the warmth of down, and twice the warmth of other high-loft insulation materials.
Ear Mitts® are also available in faux fur colors lined with Thinsulate™ Insulation.
* Grams per square meter of insulation.

An independent testing laboratory investigated the temperature effects on the surface of the ear. Through advanced thermal photography (thermography), lab technicians were able to take a snapshot of temperature variations on the surface of the ear by using an infrared camera to detect the infrared radiation emitted from the head area.
The woman in the pictures below was exposed to frigid conditions inside a walk-in freezer for 15 minutes. In the BEFORE case, the woman was exposed to the freezing temperatures without head or ear protection of any kind. In the AFTER case, the woman was exposed to the same conditions in the freezer for the same length of time wearing Ear Mitts® Bandless Ear Muffs lined with C100 Thinsulate™ Insulation from 3M.
The Thermogram thermal photography displays the colder temperatures of the head with the darker colors. It is obvious from the BEFORE photo that the Black areas of the head are where a person typically experiences cold first...the nose, the cheeks and the ear areas, where the white arrows are pointing. In the AFTER photo, it can be seen that the Black areas of the head remain in the areas of the nose and cheeks, whereas the ear area is now composed of lighter (WARMER) colors due to the woman wearing the Ear Mitts® in the freezer.
The comparison clearly shows the effectiveness of Ear Mitts® in protecting the ear from exposure to wind and cold. If this doesn't convince you, try a pair of Ear Mitts® today and see for yourself!
Ear Mitts bandless Ear Muffs use thinsulate insulation Please contact Brad Levinson at
1-214-353-0882 or Toll Free 1-800-439-0883
9:00am and 4:30pm Central Time Monday through Friday.

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